Catalina Island Mermaid Experiences

Mermaid Photo Shoot on the Beach

Meet us on the beach or on scenic rocky areas for a photography session as a Catalina Island Mermaid. This includes an online gallery with 6 professionally edited images, as well as all of the RAW images. Starting at $150 for the first mermaid, and $75 for each additional mermaid up to 6 per session. Offered daily. Mermaid tail rental included, please bring your top of choice. Sizes available for kids and adults up to size XXXL, or size 26.

Mermaid Tail Upgrades are available in most sizes. Shell bra upgrades are available in most sizes.

See examples of client galleries here:

PADI Discover Mermaid

The Discover Mermaid™ experience, offered Memorial through Labor Day, introduces simple mermaid activities in a place with pool-like conditions, shallow enough in which to stand. It is designed as a flexible, informative, enjoyable, and controlled experience centered on letting you discover what it’s like to mermaid dive. To enroll in a Discover Mermaid experience, you must be at least six years old. You need to be in good physical health and comfortable in the water. No prior experience with snorkeling, skin diving or freediving is required. This 1-hour experience is semi-private with groups no larger than four people.

PADI Mermaid & Advanced Mermaid Bundle

The PADI Mermaid™ course includes knowledge development and at least two water skill sessions that develop more dynamic mermaid skills beyond Basic Mermaid™, including many skills that make mermaiding an underwater self-expressive art, separate from other types of diving. (Note that the PADI Mermaid course includes Basic Mermaid, so you can start with PADI Mermaid – there is no need to take Basic Mermaid separately.)

In the PADI Advanced Mermaid™ course, you’ll build on your PADI Mermaid™ certification and apply it to the open water environment. You’ll learn the basics of how the open water environment differs from a pool or confined water (larger, deeper, more variable conditions) and be introduced to open water mermaiding techniques. You’ll also learn about aquatic life – what to expect, how it can affect you, and how you avoid harm.

To enroll in the PADI Advanced Mermaid course you must be 12 years old or older and have a PADI Mermaid certification (or a qualifying certification from another mermaid organization). You need to be able to swim at least 100m/320ft without swim aids, able to float comfortably at the surface for at least 10 mins and in good physical health.

This class takes place in Avalon over a two day period. Come to the island for the weekend and practice your mermaid skills! Bring your tail and freediving gear, or rentals are available at an additional cost. This class prepares you to free-dive in open water as a mermaid and is the prerequisite to becoming a PADI Mermaid Instructor.


March 4-5 (Sat/Sun) March 10-11 (Fri/Sat) April 8-9 (Sat/Sun) May 6-7 (Sat/Sun) June 24-25 (Sat/Sun) July 15-16 (Sat/Sun) August 7-8 (Mon/Tues) August 19-20 (Sat/Sun) September – December TBD

The Mystic Mermaid Package

Looking for a life changing shift while diving into your truest Mer-sona? Explore the waters of your current watery Self. Mystic Ali is a high level psychic SOULutionist that will help you navigate your mer-waters into the best mer-Self. This package includes a Mermaid Photoshoot on the beach as well as a Solutionist Session with Mystic Ali. Starts at $295. Text to book. 310-938-6405.