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Meet Elaina

Mermaid Instructor, Scuba Instructor, Photographer!

Elaina is a PADI Master Scuba Diver Trainer for one of the largest scuba destinations in the US… Catalina Island! She is known for her water safety skills and her underwater photography! We can’t wait for you to discover your Mer-sona and become a Catalina Island Mermaid! Elaina offers PADI Mermaid Classes in Avalon. Check out her class schedule, and find out more on instagram @catalinaislandmermaids or text her at 801-699-9411.

Meet Celeste-

Photographer and Pro Mermaid!

Celeste is a fin-tastic mermaid photographer who is passionate about our oceans and the water we drink! Mermaid Celeste appears at our booths during art shows, and she is available to be booked for events. Ask Celeste about the quality of the water you are drinking! She has a lot of knowledge to share!

Meet Ali-

Mystic Mermaid Photographer and Solutionist!

Ali is a siren solutionist who specializes in photographing not just the body but capturing the soul in every photo. Ali offers mermaid card readings, and soul-utionist sessions daily! Just giver her a text! Book the Mystic Mermaid Experience to work with Ali.